June 20, 2011 ICANN Approves Historic Change to Internet’s Domain Name System. Plan to Launch New Generic Top-Level Domains Is Approved in Singapore.

“ICANN has opened the Internet’s naming system to unleash the global human imagination. Today’s decision respects the rights of groups to create new Top Level Domains in any language or script. We hope this allows the domain name system to better serve all of mankind,” said Rod Beckstrom, President and Chief Executive Officer of ICANN.

The subject of domain name registrations came up again into public view with ICANN announcement of new gTLDs rules and regulations.

News media reported yesterday that you can register any name you want for $185.000.00 and you have to hurry up because applications are accepted during three months only. The information is misleading and incomplete as usual in case of news involving Internet underlining principles.

In short gTLD is “global Top Level Domain” where TLD is .com .net .org or any other currently existing 22 gTLDs.

Applying for gTLD has nothing to do with Domain Name Registration.
Process of applying for gTLD makes sense for business that wants to become a “Domain Name Registrar”.

The sum of $185,000.00 is an application fee.
You need to pay $5,000.00 deposit.
New application period starts 12 January 2012 and ends 12 April 2012.
The process of approval may take anywhere from 8 to 18 months.
There are plenty of stringent rules and regulations.
Rejections are common.

The best page to get credible details on new gTLDs is the “Fact Sheet” page at

Domain Name Registration is the process of registering domain name in a given TLD.
If you just want to have a domain name, you register it at your favorite Domain Name Registrar trough Domain Reseller like GoDaddy, 1and1, eNom and hundreds of others. Domain Reseller is usually not the Domain Registrar.

When you register “my-domain.com”, “my-domain” is domain part and “.com” is TLD.
The cost is around $10.00 per year. If the name if available, the registration is processed as soon as you can type your billing information. Then you own the “my-domain.com” domain name and have to host it somewhere or hoard it as many people do. There are many ways to use the domain names, but this will be subject for another day.

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One Response to New Top Level Domains

  1. Daniel says:

    From WebProNews: ** The IAB (Interactive Advertising Burea) however, is calling on ICANN to withdraw this plan, saying it will cause “incalculable financial damage to brand owners, including the hundreds of media brands in its membership.” The plan would allow brands to apply for domains that end in their name. Like “.coke” and “.pepsi” and so on. However, it would also open the door for cyber squatting, according to the IAB, as well as include what the organization calls “exorbitant fees for web publishers and brand marketers.” **

    Withdraw the plan? Hahah, I’m sure. And paper-shred all of those checks from PepsiCo and Coke while they are at it.

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