I just had a two and half hours, productive in the end, conversation with my sister Malgoska regarding the use of custom domain on my blog. I like simplicity. Shorter names are easier to remember and more personal.

Custom domain name setup on blogspot.com account could not be easier. It just consists of typing an existing domain name owned by you and two clicks.

The real problem, for some people, is the next critical step, the DNS setup required to make the whole project work correctly. You need to make a CNAME record assigning www.yourdomain.tld to ghs.google.com in your DNS server configuration. This is done using the control panel at the place you registered your domain. Some registrars have easy and simple DNS control panels, others are terrible, almost unusable.

This is where the things get technical and can go ugly. The key word here is a CNAME, which stands for Canonical Name record. It is one of the DNS record types. It is frequently used to “substitute” one host name for another one, usually outside of the domain that we control. This record is unusual because both parts of it are host names instead of usual host name – IP address pair common in other DNS records. It is best to avoid using it, except in this case.

At the time of this post a query for DNS records reveals the following information:

ghs.google.com is an alias for ghs.l.google.com
ghs.l.google.com has address

However, reverse DNS query shows that the above IP is really assigned to another host domain name pointer bx-in-f121.google.com
bx-in-f121.google.com has address

This is precisely why you should not try to use record other than CNAME or assign an IP address instead of name because Google controls DNS record for its host ghs.google.com and can change it as they wish. You should follow the instructions to use CNAME, if you can not – change your DNS provider or better move your domain to a different registrar.

At the end of our conversation my sister told me to use green color in my thumbnails and pictures. She also asked what is Linux. She knows art, painting, photography, Yoga and many other things.
I know some Linux.

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